Wheat grass equals daily holistic detox!

WHEAT GRASS is more than holistic….it’s WHOLE-istic love for the body!

Wheat grass is a super food supplement served as a fresh juice shot! It’s available in most yoga and smoothie bars! Wheat grass may be seen as trendy BUT it all began by the 1930’s!

First thing, first. Wheat grass is GLUTEN FREE! Wheat grass is the grassy green portion, harvested within 2 weeks of sprouting!

Why WHEAT GRASS? It’s green! Green means chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is to plants what iron is to blood!

Chlorophyll is full of potassium, helping maintain water balance. It’s high in Vitamins A, B, C and K…synergy helping lower stress while providing anti-oxidants and building immune system.

Chlorophyll is high in iron, making it a great choice for supporting anemia. Unlike standard iron pills, you can finally say, “good-bye constipation!”. Chlorophyll is a source of natural fiber! Don’t start chewing just yet! Wheat grass is not digested in plant form. Juicing is required.

Need more reasons to add this quick boost of nutrients to your daily diet plan?

  • Internal cleanser acts as a slow and gentle DAILY detox removing toxins
  • Anti-oxidant helps decrease free radicals in the body
  • Increases energy by transporting oxygen in blood. Wheat grass increases red blood count.
  • Helps reduce acidity in the body. Wheat grass is alkaline helping support a disease free body
  • Reduces inflammation. Wheat grass heals the body from the inside out. Regular juice shots are a great choice for those suffering from skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis.
  • Anti-bacterial properties also aid skin conditions
  • High in aminos! Aminos are the building block of proteins.
  • High in enzymes. Raw foods work as a prebiotic and help support digestion.
  • Supports our pineal gland. This pine sized gland is responsible for so many functions from growth, reproduction, body temperature to even immunity. The pineal gland is responsible for secreting melatonin in the third eye. Third eye is often referred to as the crown Chakra, connecting us to our higher purpose. Pineal gland is linked to physical, mental and spiritual health.

Wheat grass is an affordable, inexpensive way to super boost your health each and everyday!

Wheat grass can be bought in powder and pill form BUT FRESH is key! Eliminating processing keeps you one step closer to nature. Lots of people choose to sprout wheat grass indoors or buy a living potted wheat grass plant at their local market. After multiple attempts of unsuccessful sprouting and wasted money on plants, I discovered a scary nugget of essential information.

Wheat grass grown indoors is prone to mold. Telling you it’s not holistic to cut above the mold line and simply juice is an understatement. Did you know the MOLD found on your store bought and spouted wheat grass can be deadly! BUYER BEWARE, if ingested by those with a peanut allergy it can be deadly.

I stopped wheat grass shots over night until I discovered my newest greenest bestie….

EVERGREEN JUICES makes on-the-go frozen wheat grass single servings that come in a tray. Evergreen juices is a family owned business has been producing top notch wheat grass for over 25 years.

Wheat grass is the first step ANYONE can start today! Drink alone or add to juice, smoothie ot protein drink….love yourself inside and out!





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