Tranzitions…my big vegan hair experience!

We are exposed every second of everyday to toxins. It’s up to YOU to limit exposure. I have chosen to be plant based! I tend to use the word vegan since my diet is not BASED around plants. I follow a vegan diet! I am working towards a 100% vegan lifestyle.

Last fall, my life changed. After a research paper for an environmental class I took my lifestyle a step further. NOW my makeup, toothpaste and skin care products are vegan/ cruelty free.

The problem has been finding hair products that work for me. Shampoo has been an issue. Luckily, I replaced my mainstream leave-in Argan oil conditioner with virgin cold pressed coconut oil.

Color is another story! Just over a year ago it was time to say, “good-bye” to jet black. My son pointed out my CHER hair was identical to the girl in The Ring! If you are not familiar with the reference…it’s NOT good!!

Black dye is a nightmare to get rid of! Apparently, highlights would damage my tuchis length hair less than stripping the color. I went ahead with them BUT the products scared me….pregnant women are told to avoid bleach! Granted I’m not pregnant but health is wealth! “SAFE” to me means everyone can use it! I put changing the color ahead of potential health risks. I’m not proud. Three highlight appointments later, I’m almost there! Unfortunately my hair is damaged. There had to be a better way.

Luckily there is!

Hair 2Twitter led me to achieving my BIG VEGAN HAIR! On July 16, I met super adorable and super bubbly LINA… owner of TRANZITIONS HAIR SALON. She is the most passionate hairdresser I have ever met. After health issues touching her family, she took an alternative road in hair dressing. With a Naturopath in the family, she already knew the potential risks of repeated toxin exposure.

We live in such a toxic world that it’s absolutely imperative to eliminate all the ones we can!

Spending the morning with Lina was so fun. Her welcoming ever sweet personality is addictive. She is very honest thank god….or I might be sporting bangs right now! I tend to get comfortable or rather stuck in a look! I am pleased she convinced me to layer my hair. She chopped two inches off the length…and gave me long layers!

I loved her products! TRANZITIONS uses Raw Hair Organics and Zerran.IMG_20150715_132851

After a lengthy discussion, I can’t wait to “GO FOR IT!” and change the color… SOON!!!!

LINA said potassium yes, potassium as in bananas is the magical mineral that helps lighteIMG_20150715_115558n hair! SEXY! Can’t wait to see what Organic Color Systems does to change my color!

I am so thrilled to have “veganized” my hair! One more thing I have eliminated from the toxic column!

Huge love LINA 🙂 thanks xxoo

P.S. Nothing beats great hair and hemp swag as a parting gift! Don’t forget to go grab a bamboo toothbrush on your way out!!

Friends of MERCEDES FITNESS? Ask LINA about your discount! 416-613-2967.