The Wilmot-Tavistock Gazette June 2022: EXPERT ADVICE: Meet Mercedes Kay Gold

Whether you were born along a dirt road, from a tiny town or left Covid behind in the city, living this close to nature is fabulous for your health. Mind, body and spirit in a state of homeostasis are the keys to living your best life. Balance is bliss. With all the pieces of the puzzle found right here in this cute corner of countryside heaven, it’s time to thrive alive! 

Summertime fun time is the perfect opportunity to run, skip or jump onto a path paved with wellness. Fabulous fresh air, sunshine, fresh farm to table food and endless eye-catching sights accompanied by the soothing sounds along any of the local trails, this healthy lifestyle expert wants you to thrive alive!

Walking is the most underrated form of exercise and perfect for shedding the Pandemic pounds.  As a Certified Personal Trainer, the first question I pose to potential new clients is enquiring the last time they exercised. It’s shocking how many people say, “Never, I just walk.”  Walking is underrated. Because it’s low impact and improves overall fitness at any age, it’s never too early or too late to start. A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found a slew of significant positive changes ranging from slower resting heart rates, improved blood pressure, reduced cholesterol, and lower body fat and body weight to better depression scores. Obesity raises the risk of a myriad of medical concerns and just one hour of walking briskly daily counteracts the effects of weight-promoting genes according to a Harvard Study. Both a slow stroll and speedy power walk strengthens muscles and bones plus improves balance and coordination. Soothing stress and a stellar sleep is simply steps away. Lace up your running shoes or hiking boots, bring water and let’s get moving! Mother Nature’s gym never closes and the membership is free. Body boosting benefits beckon along the Baden Hills trails. There’s no need to pound the pavement with the plush pine cushioned Crown Land Trail located in neighbouring New Dundee. Hidden in plain sight behind the Wilmot Recreational Center is the Schmidt Woods, a glorious green gem and stroller and bicycle friendly. Wandering off the path is always possible for those who hear the call of the wild. Walking is exercise, promoting overall physical fitness and yes, it’s considered a workout! Please carry water. Proper hydration regulates body temperature, lubricates joints and transports nutrients and oxygen to help you perform your best and recover sooner. Physical activity requires energy. With a bounty of local garden goodness, it’s a snap to skip sugar, sodium and scary chemicals. Reach for the rainbow with hydrating vitamin and mineral fibre filled fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Walking is a lovely way to support health goals, bask in the sun’s free vitamin D, fall in love with local nature and stay social with a side of saying so long to soaring gas prices. Consistency is the secret to success. Adding hand weights, increasing the speed and stride length plus incorporating walking lunges or sporadic short sprints make it challenging and fun. Summer is simply too short to waste and I urge you not to squander a single moment. I am as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as a squirrel to venture out of my Wilmot comfort zone and explore the scenic surrounding townships. If you see me strolling or sprinting by, please don’t be shy and say hi.

Mercedes Kay Gold is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer and published writer who loves helping others live their best life when not spending time with her children and grandson Theodore.

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