EMBRACING CHANGE August 2022: What is the Definition of Ageing Gracefully?

What is the definition of aging gracefully? The outside versus the inside can be dramatically different. Actions, thoughts and behaviours impact our mind, body and spirit. There are different types of aging. Chronological aging is simply the number of years lived while primary aging is universal and inevitable. Reading glasses and a few strands of […]

ALIVE & FIT MAGAZINE Vol.16 Issue 61 Summer 2022: Veg-Based Eating 101

Plant- based diets are phenomenal for humans, animals and of course helpful for healing the planet. The Meatless Monday movement began in 2003 as an international campaign to encourage the masses to take a pass on eating meat one day a week. The once trendy term isn’t thrown around often as of late but switching […]

 ALIVE & FIT MAGAZINE Vol.15 Issue 60 Spring 2022: Choose a Path

Covid has been the main topic of conversation for over two years, paving the way for many heart to heart health-based discussions. It’s challenging to navigate the ever-changing landscape of exercise, supplements and diets plus the added pressure of whether or not to choose cure-all over the counter medications. With the onslaught of information and […]

Nutraphase 2019: Why Clean MCT Oil Powder?

Working out and following an individualized meal plan is the best way to look and feel amazing. The addition of supplements gives supercharged body boosting benefits. Choosing a clean lifestyle inside and out is achievable with NUTRAPHASE products. Love your self holistically by choosing products WITHOUT artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Breaking news! Nutraphase has […]