Summertime COCONUT sunflower energy ball


COCONUT” Sunflower Butter raw vegan energy balls

by Mer’s Mom!



½ cup sunflower seed butter

2 Tablespoons Cocovie Naturals pure virgin coconut oil

½ cup unsweetened applesauce

1/4 cup Cocovie Naturals coconut flour

¼ cup Cocovie Naturals coconut sugar

½ teaspoon ceylon cinnamon

1 pinch Himalayan pink sea salt (optional)

1/2 cup raw unsalted sunflower seeds

½ cup unsweetened sulphite free raisins

¼ cup unsweetened coconut

Don’t forget extra sunflower seeds for rolling!



  1. Combine the first 3 ingredients (sunflower seed butter, coconut oil, and apple sauce) in a food processor using the s-blade until smooth.
  2. Add the flour, coconut sugar, cinnamon and salt. Blend.
  3. Add the remaining ingredients. (sunflower seeds, raisins and coconut) Pulse to combine.
  4. Roll into 1-inch balls. Finish by rolling in sunflower seeds.
  5. Freeze until ready to serve.


Nutrition Facts:

24 servings

Calories   92.7

Total fat 6.6 g

Saturated fat 2.1 g

Polyunsaturated fat 3.2 g

Monounsaturated fat   9 g

Cholesterol O.O mg

Sodium   .9mg

Potassium   66.6 mg

Total Carbohydrates 7.6

Dietary Fiber 0.8

Sugars 4.0

Protein 2.1sunflower-seed-clipart-sunflower-seeds-and-beautiful-flower-on-a-white-background-vector-illustration

Summer time means stunning fields of bright yellow sunflowers! Not only are they gorgeous inside the home, sunflowers are inside body goodness!

Sunflower seeds, preferably raw, are holistic happiness! They are a portable healthy snack! High in protein and healthy fat, they easily curb hunger while offering huge health benefits. Key vitamins and minerals maintain essential bodily functions. Highlighted below are some:



  • Powerful anti-oxidant
  • Necessary for the production of sex hormones
  • May help prevent heart problems
  • Protects tissues of skin, liver, eyes, breasts and testes.
  • Is a blood thinner
  • Is vital to diabetics
  • Helps prevent aging and heal wounds



  • Prevents cardiovascular disease
  • Improves sperm production and motility
  • Protects body from toxic metals

(mercury in fillings and fish supply for example)



  • Development of nerves, bones,

blood and connective tissue.



  • Muscle pain
  • Synthesizes amino acids
  • Metabolizes carbs/ protein and essential fatty acids
  • Estrogen dominant? You need more!
  • B6 increases feel good hormone seratonin. You need it to dream!
  • It’s a natural diuretic! Helps shed body of excess water!



  • Enhances circulation
  • Helps produce HCL (acid needed in stomach in digestion process)
  • Helps produce energy
  • Important for maintaining healthy nerves and prevention inflammation



  • Synthesizes fatty acids, L-dopaine (feel good hormone) and cholesterol
  • Helps digest protein
  • Regulates glucose
  • Helps support Thyroid



  • Formation of bones and teeth
  • Helps maintain PH balance in

the body

  • Aids kidney function and muscle




  • important role in conjunction

with calcium helping regulation muscle function!

Unfortunately it’s easily lost through coffee, alcohol, sweat or excess water consumption.

  • It helps decrease stress in the

body. It helps relax the GI tract, blood vessels and skeletal muscles.

  • Works with Vitamin D to boost

immune system

  • May lower blood pressure and

prevent tooth decay



  • Helps synthesize amino acids

(building block of protein which is foundation on muscle)

  • Energy production (helps form

red blood cells)

  • Folate is important for women to

Supplement with while trying to conceive and throughout pregnancy

  • Healthy brain helper
  • Helps combat depression and




  • Required for energy, blood formation and circulation
  • Helps reduce cholesterol
  • Helpful for skin issues
  • Great aid for the GI tract (stomach issues)

Over exercise, pregnancy, stress, injuries and illness all deplete the body of niacin (B3).


Holistic Help:

  • Choose raw unsalted

Avoid flavored roasted seeds. They contain color and even additives such as MSG. Avoid ones roasted in peanut, soy and cottonseed oils.

  • Sunflower butter is a nut free option!
  • Sprinkle seeds is salads, yogurt and add to any muffin recipe!