Spring Has Sprung

As summer approaches, the news of a special someone’s cancer diagnosis broke my heart. This fierce strong woman left me a whispering late night message that brought tears to my eyes. “SPRINGING INTO SUMMER” took on new meaning. Blogging about food and diet to be bikini beach ready seemed so trite.

We know everyday is a blessing. Unfortunately most people don’t live in a state of gratitude. There are too many people existing. Living life angry, bitter and full of regret. Too many people dwell on the past while others live in moments that haven’t arrived. NOW is all we have. Make the best decision in that moment. Stop keeping things inside. Life is not perfect.

Stress manifests itself in sickness. Be authentic. Be real. Those who are meant to stay in your life will. I do wholeheartedly believe, people come into our life for a reason, season or a lifetime. It’s up to you how long they stay.

BgPCjvVCIAAvHMETake the time to live and love your life. All of the moments. Be accountable for your actions. Everything you say and do has a reaction….and reactions stem from experiences. You truly can’t walk in someone else’s shoes no matter how hard you try. You can say you understand but how you could you? Life is simple yet we complicate it. Life is for living.

Summer 2015 is about…. little things. Holistic steps to bring light to life. Its about saying sorry or asking forgiveness because life is not perfect and nor are we. It’s about being accountable and not a victim.

Make healthy choices everyday….healthy inside and out!


Start the day with calm and quiet. Wake up early. Do whatever you need to do to just smile. Coffee? News? Paper? Run? Make breakfast in bed for a loved one?

Show gratitude by thanking the universe for blessings.

Have a glass of water! Don’t forget lemon.

New to supplements? Baby steps! Begin the day with a high quality vegan multi- vitamin.

Brew tea. Pick a tea to support the body! Need energy? Try Ginseng! Feeling stressed? Lavender! Big day ahead? Focus with Rosemary!

Too busy for breakfast? FRUIT is portable and healthy! GRAB and GO!

Start CARDIO outside! Get walking! City streets are life’s treadmill. Enjoy the different incline levels offered! Challenge your glutes and legs by lunging! Add short sprints into the walk! Pass a bench? Try a set of dips!

Make a healthy change! Meatless Mondays are a great start! Save the environment, furry friends and reap the health benefits. Keeping the body in an alkaline state is a step in the right direction! Diets high in meat, dairy and the 3 W’s cause inflammation. Inflammation brings a host of health problems. Substitute meat for quinoa, beans, lentils, tofu or tempeh!

Start planning a garden! It doesn’t need to be big! Lining a balcony with pots of herbs adds beauty and holistic cooking options! Rosemary, dill, tarragon, lavender, basil, oregano and the list goes on!

Google the closest “local farmer’s market”. Vow to buy local produce all summer long! The growing season extends well into fall. Ontario has so much to offer holistically. For the farmer inside of you….go picking on a local orchard or farm!

Leave your car at home! Help the environment! Roller blade, bike, walk or take public transit.

Slow down and relax! Lose the kindle, iPad or tablet! Check out the local library! Relax by reading. It’s an art many have forgotten.

Buy flowers for someone you appreciate. Send anonymously.

Try essential oils. Just a dab under your nose and on ear lobes can relax, stimulate even improve concentration. I love grapefruit in the morning, lavender at night and rosemary before hitting the books!

CDsIA8OWMAAXa5X-1Volunteer! There are always causes in search of smiling free help!

Bring back snail mail. Stop emailing birthday cards and invitations. Handwritten letters are personal and keep sakes.

Splurge and buy just one decadent chocolate. Enjoy!

Feed the birds, fly a kite and skip rocks. Be a kid again!

Slow down and enjoy each moment whether they bring tears of joy or pain. Live in the moment…and stop planning the next!