Nutraphase November 2018: Do You Know Whats in Your Protein?

The difference between a good morning and a GREAT morning is all how you begin. From the moment your toes touch the floor, it’s all about choices. Welcome to my own personal rise and shine!

I love coffee for a million reasons. There’s no denying a jolt of java has me ready to face the day. Pairing life’s little morning luxury with maple syrup flavored MCT by NUTRAPHASE is a slice of healthy heaven. Whether you are following a ketogenic lifestyle or not, fabulous fats are always in fashion. Just a tablespoon of NUTRAPHASE “maple syrup” MCT powder is quickly transported to cells. It easily permeates the membrane. It’s also used as an immediate source of energy. MCT powder is water soluble, requiring less lecithin and bile salts to digest.

It’s great discovering what works for you! Listen to your body. I thrive by leaving a large window from sunset’s last meal to the next morning. With six grams of fat and two grams of maple syrup, it’s enough fuel for me to stay on-the-go.

Morning self-love is all about hydrating. Water is the essence of life. The body loses precious water 24 hours a day through sweat, digestion, breathing and elimination. It must be replenished. Our individual needs vary depending on a long list of reasons from health issues to training insane. The common complaint I hear by clients is, “ water is boring!”. I choose to hydrate and nourish cells in one easy step…. One scoop of GREENS and BERRIES in my water . All the flavors are fantastic but I’m still in awe of mojito. As a Holistic Nutritionist, it’s important for me to abstain from synthetic colors, sweeteners and flavors.

Green equals healthy. It’s as simple as that. GREENS and BERRIES has spinach for starters. Spirulina is an underrated algae, shocking as it’s a chlorophyll powerhouse. It easily binds to heavy metals making it a great detox food. Protein and iron content make it a personal go-to. Love the alfalfa for the B12 and vitamin D. Mixing up the greens is great for those of us who are creatures of habit.

With winter approaching, I love the immune boosting astralgus.

There are so many top notch nutrients in the GREENS and BERRIES and for those of you looking for a pick-me-up during the day, it’s easy to energize with an afternoon scoop. Ginseng and bee pollen will add pep to your step. There are 19 key antioxidants from peach to pomegranate ensuring all your phytonutrients pack an immune boosting punch. I especially love the bilberry for eyesight health.

I spend the day looking after clients mixed with my mini’s needs. At some point, it’s my time in the gym. Whether I hit the bag, mat or bench, working out is wellness on every level.

Some days it’s rough. I always love sneaking some muscle building or calorie burning cardio in at sunrise or in between appointments but some days the sun has set and I find myself dragging my tush to the gym. Luckily, I have DECIMATE in my gym bag! With 150 grams of caffeine, it’s the equivalent of a small coffee! I’m not going to push plant-based in this post but for a girl who passes on red meat, creatine is well, cool! The other stand out ingredient is wild geranium. Whether stress from life or over training, wild geranium is a useful adaptogen for helping control the stress hormone cortisol. DECIMATE produces a surge of energy, leaving me mentally and physically ready to hit the treadmill and “clear the cobwebs!”.

Plant based protein is first on my list. I don’t stress, as NUTRAPHASE uses hemp, a complete plant protein. It’s important to have a diet containing all the amino acids. Not all plants do! NUTRAPHASE contains 4 grams of belly filling fiber and only 3 grams of fat. With just 130 calories but 22 grams of protein, I love using the powder to make my own protein balls. Protein powder is an affordable healthy option as a pre or post-workout meal.

From sunrise to sunset, loving yourself means living a healthy lifestyle. It’s not a D-I-E-T, but rather a way of living in a mindset of maintaining health.


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