Nutraphase July 2018: Plant-based Protein Powder

NUTRAPHASE’S Clean plant-based protein is an ideal “alkaline” way to start the day! You don’t need to be a vegan to benefit from a plant based protein. Yes, meat lovers, animal protein contains all the amino acids yet on the flip side, meat is also raises pH level in the body.  NUTRAPHASE’S blend of SIX plants also contains a complete amino acid profile and alkaline! Life’s stressors raise inflammation in the body when the hormone cortisol is released. Plant based protein eases digestion, inflammation and offers lots of healthy heart happy fats!

With just 130 calories in a scoop, adding extra fats such as NUTRAPHASE’S MCT OIL and of course NUTRAPHASE’S greens nourish cells while fueling even the earliest workout or office day!

Protein is necessary. It’s in the “macro” nutrient category alongside carbs and fats!

With 22 grams of protein in a scoop, synergy of plants helps build and  repair tissues without saturated fat, hormones or antibiotics. No matter how many plants you consume,  your kidneys and liver will still love you! Plants contains lots of gut filling fiber while easing digestion.

NUTRAPHASE contains rice, pea, sunflower, hemp, pumpkin and sacha inchi. The first four are mainstream in the menus of the plant based world but sacha inchi, is all the buzz! Apparently, it’s been quite a well kept secret….. for about 3000 years. Sacha inchi plant is a vine with star shaped pods native to the Amazon rainforest. Each pod contains approximately 4-7 seeds known as Inca peanuts. Don’t worry my nut allergy sufferers, sacha inchi are seeds! Just to keep you in the sacha inchi loop:

  • Lowers bad cholesterol (LDL)
  • Raises good cholesterol (HDL)
  • Contains tons of the amino acid tryptophan which is needed to produce our mood boosting hormone called serotonin
  • Contains healthy Omega fats to help regulate glucose and aid the body in absorbing calcium
  • Anti-inflammatory benefits

The nutritional profile of NUTRAPHASE’S Clean Plant Based Protein is impressive.

  1. 3 grams fat
  2. 130 calories in a serving
  3. 4 grams of fiber which leaves the NET carbs at 2 grams
  4. 22 grams of POWERFUL PLANT protein

Thanks NUTRAPHASE for a clean, healthy holistic protein powder to fuel even the toughest tasks!


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