MOOV Magazine March 2015: New Year’s Resolution‎ STOP Starting Over!

The “NEW YEAR” is in full swing! Spring will soon be upon us. This brings me to the big question. Did you make a NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION? If so, are you keeping it?  Yes? Congratulate yourself! You are in the minority.

Every New Year’s Eve, millions of people decide they will lose weight, join a gym and finally get healthy! It’s perplexing! Why does North America believe champagne and ringing in the “New Year”  equals success? Huge goals without proper planning is pointless. Do we need a “New Year” to realize we can make lifestyle changes? Shouldn’t we strive to live our best life everyday?

Will Smith said it best.

“You don’t try to build a wall,

You don’t set out to build a wall,

You don’t say,

I’m going to build the biggest, baddest, greatest wall that’s ever been built.

You say,

I am going to lay this brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid,

And you do that every single day and soon you have a wall.”

If your NEW YEAR’S goals have fallen by the wayside while the snow is still on the ground take a deep breath! Relax! It’s not too late. Every morning brings a new opportunity to start fresh. Refocus, re-evaluate and move forward with confidence.

Sit down with a pad of paper. List the things you love about your life. List the things you aren’t happy with. This is a solo mission. This list is about you. Its about your life. Honesty is essential.  Be accountable for the person you are today. Assess your weight, health, lifestyle, money, job, even friends! LIST every single thing that needs attention.

If you won the lottery TONIGHT  what would you do? The answer to this question is key! It gives you an honest look at whether you are living your most authentic life. If money would bring a totally new beginning or “do over” then it’s time to make changes!

Start a new chapter. Close the book on the old. Write your own story.

It’s time to set small goals. Believe and achieve. It could be as simple as riding your bike to work. This one act may check off several points on your check list. Exercising, saving  money and helping the environment!

As a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, 2015 brought new clients with hefty goals. I also saw the return of former clients.  It’s time to STOP starting over every year. If you can’t achieve the goal, reevaluate the one you are setting. Losing 50 lbs and running a marathon sounds easy when you haven’t started!! If you always valet park and Chinese food is on speed dial please be realistic! Vow to walk a mile straight. Aim to lose 5lbs this month. Instead of swearing off fast food simply set a limit.

Make a date at the gym. Commit one day a week and slowly increase to a second day then a third. See where I’m going?

Achieving mini goals puts you well on your way to completing bad ass goals you never dreamed of!

The point is to make 2015 about healthy changes big or small. Let this be the year you give yourself permission to try new things!

Make this year the year to find what works for you! Stop comparing yourself to others. Trial and error will lead you to a happier, healthier life that works exclusively for you.

Be open to expanding your “health” horizon. True health is about living in a state of homeostasis. Aim to find a balance between mind, body and spirit. Goals are personal. You don’t need to share or seek approval. Be the best version of you. Make changes that improve YOUR world.

Stop and take time to be grateful.  Eliminating toxic people and choices  helps reduce chaos. Your list unlocks clues creating a fabulous 2015!

For example: I am a fit, healthy, busy single mom juggling school and work. My goal was simply to eat better this year. This is not to be confused with healthier. Let me explain. I absolutely hate cooking and derive no pleasure from it. My diet is clean but so boring. A girl can not survive on Quinoa and kale alone. This year I decided to call in experts! I now dine nightly on healthy, holistic and heavenly meals. Monday night means the delivery of gorgeous tasty organic vegan creations for the week by GREEN ZEBRA KITCHEN  

Being healthy on the inside and feeling great can start with minor changes. Make a personal bucket list of things to try! Some ideas to contemplate:


  • Keep an EXERCISE JOURNAL! Really see your progress!
  • Take that YOGA class!
  • Try JUICING!
  • Try “MEATLESS MONDAYS“. They save you, the planet and animals!
  • Try a new workout! BOXING! CROSS FIT!
  • Limit coffee and drink 30 ml WATER per kg minimum EVERYDAY!
  • UNPLUG your phone an hour every night.
  • Keep a food journal. Get HONEST and see why that 10lbs is a struggle to lose year after year!
  • STOP BLAMING others. You are in charge of your health goals! You gained the weight. You can lose the weight.
  • Try something ALTERNATIVE  for your health. Google COLONICSYou will thank me.
  • Relax, rejuvenate and sweat out toxins during a “FORMOSTAR INFARED BODY WRAP”.
  • Get TESTED. Learn your food allergies and intolerances. Feel your best! No more masking digestive issues!
  • See a NATUROPATH  Dr. Robyn Murphy is a key part of my healthy happy life!
  • Book a session with me! A PERSONAL TRAINER can help you set strong attainable goals. Stop being intimated by the machines at the gym! Self-conscious? Train one on one at home. Stop making excuses!
  •  Overwhelmed by all the media coverage on super foods, organic, GMO, herbs and  supplements? HOLISTIC NUTRITIONISTS are your answer.
  • Learn your numbers: Body weight, body fat, measurements and BMI. Combined they paint a very clear picture. Every six weeks it’s time to record the progress.
  •  STOP SKIPPING MEALS. There is a difference between a 12 hour nightly fast (dinner to breakfast) and missing meals.
  • VOLUNTEER  and help a cause. There are tons to choose from.
  • Make time for a bath. Soaking in a cup of EPSOM SALTS and essential oils eliminates stress and muscle soreness.
  • Have a nightly ritual of soothing TEA.
  • Wake up and go to sleep grateful!


The best way to live the life you dreamed of is to start! Close your eyes and picture yourself exactly where you want to be. Open your eyes and go for it!

Please don’t wait for next year to start over! Each morning upon waking remember you are blessed. Don’t waste it!

Mercedes Gold lives in Toronto. She is a personal trainer, nutritionist and student at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition.

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