My first Vegetarian Festival

The Toronto Vegetarian Festival took place September 5th to 7th along the picturesque harbor front. It was the perfect opportunity for vendors to educate and answer questions. There was a lot of plant based meal discussion to overhear. Free menu planning, recipe ideas and loads of tips. Dispelling the myths that vegans are sickly and weaker than meat eaters.

This was the right place if you started with “Meatless Mondays” This movement is the new norm in lifestyle menu planning. Taking a break from “meat” just once a week helps heal the body as well as the planet. It has motivated many to take a look at their diet. Allergies, religious laws, animal rights, health concerns all account for reasons cited for following a  plant based diet.

Please keep reading: I am NOT going to push a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. I am simply going to say, ” be open to pondering the concept.”


Mercy for Animals  is a national non-profit organization dedicated to preventing cruelty to farmed animals and promoting compassionate food choices and policies.

There are 25 reasons to try “Vegetarian” according to them. Here are just a few:

  • To reduce your risk of Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease. There is a wonderful book by that must be read.
  • To prevent Global Climate Change
  • Farmed animals are mutilated without painkillers. Please watch
  • To reduce your risk of Heart Disease
  • Male chickens are ground up alive by the egg industry
  • Factory animals are denied everything natural (grass, fresh air, exercise)
  • To conserve land, water and energy
  • To prevent deforestation and species extinction
  • Fish do feel pain
  • Animals are burned and drowned in scalding tanks
  • Caring for some animals but eating others is morally inconsistent


Vegetarians help save the environment and  the innocent lives of animals. Becoming a vegan will also insure that animals are not used and abused for the dairy industry and egg production.


Try the Veggie Challenge. Try a meat free diet for seven days!!! Daily emails will be sent to you with meal ideas and recipes!

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