MOOV Magazine August 2014: Eating Healthy. Healthy Moovs


Each day has a mere 24 hours, and now real life is getting in the way of living. Of course that depends on how you define “living.”

We are all time deprived. Life is a circus. We juggle, re-assign, delegate and multi-task. Therefore I pose this question: ” Are we making short term choices out of parentalguilt that will impact our children’s long term health?”

Figures published by the National Health Institute’s Examination Survey, 2009-2010 (as cited in Flegal, Carroll, Kit and Ogden, 2012) are an eye opener. It states that one-third of children and adolescents ages 6 -19 are considered to be overweight or obese.

As parents, are we so preoccupied that eating out, picking up Orr throwing something in the microwave is now common place? Do we feel so guilty for working long hours we chose to call “drive thru” or grabbing pizza a dinner? Do we pick up a cooked chicken convincing ourselves that it is a healthy alternative? Arriving late at practice, come half way through the game. Missed recitals, not available to volunteer on class trips? Do you run in with the sports drinks, box of donuts or freezies for everyone? Does taking them out for frozen yogurt or ice cream really show we love them? Do we purchase the latest ipad or XBox to occupy their time instead of fresh air and good old fashioned play time?

Do we desperately want our kids to love us and substitute our time with treats as if they are the family dog?

ArticleAs a mother of three boys I have caved in to it all. After killing “myself” at the gym I have arrived home with a box of love in a box. As I make myself a vegan shake I somehow justify allowing my mini-men to devour Cinnabon! (880 calories 36 gr of fat)

Love your children enough to say, “NO!” to processed food in any form.


Tips to a healthy household:

  1. 1. Introduce new foods and keep trying. It takes 10-15 times of exposure of a new food for kids to accept it.
  2. Make time for breakfast everyday.
  3. Take all juice and pop out of the house. Thirsty kids drink water!
  4. Don’t put condiments on plates.
  5. Make school lunches together the night before. Variety is the key.
  6. Don’t make kids clean their plate they need to learn to eat until they are satisfied not stuffed.
  7. Measure and prep grab and go bags.
  8. Make family outings active.
  9. Limit TV and Video Game time.

The most important thing is not to use food to punish, reward or make up for your busy schedule. Love your Minis to feed them healthy 365 days a year.

Written by Mercedes Kay Gold


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