MOOV Magazine 6th Year Anniversary Summer Issue 2016: Not too late to play in the dirt!

Big city lights can mean big city stress! Surrounded by a concrete jungle? Slowly killing your spirit? It’s time to unplug and reconnect.

Balance is the secret to living the dream long term. My holistic goal for you, yes YOU, is to reconnect with nature.

facebook-20160905-082003Harmony is natural and simplistic. Connecting mind, body and spirit is key. Feeling at one with the universe comes in many forms. I’m not preaching meditation and yoga, however tempting.

My summer dreams are intended to awaken all your senses. It’s not too late to touch the earth. Feel its power in the palm of your hand. Wake each day to the beauty of nature. Listen to birds sing. Breathe in fresh oxygen. Watch flowers bloom. Lastly, reap the rewards of holistic health inside and out.

I want you to grow a garden! Relax busy entrepreneurs, baby steps!

You don’t need a green thumb for our journey! Let’s start with a few pots on your balcony, step or find a few square feet nearby.

It’s not too late to start! First step is choosing pots. Plain clay pots with a drainage hole and trays work best. Check out local dollar stores. Personalize pots by hosting a painting party!

Ease into gardening with herbs. My top holistic healing herbs include lavender, rosemary, mint, cilantro and dill.

It’s time to play in the dirt! Simply purchase mini plants, transfer to pots and watch them flourish outdoors.

In a perfect scenario, designated gardening space is facing south and hopefully unobstructed by a concrete jungle. West facing works, as direct sun shines brightly from early afternoon onwards. Facing east? Hot sun all day makes herbs your best bet.

Beautifying your space is holistic happiness. My top 5 herbs integrate peace and love with natural health benefits to everyday life.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 9.52.54 PM

Mint defines summer cooling. Whether you are chilling on a patio with a mojito or plain water, mint is refreshing. Mint works as anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Mint is a natural decongestant and sore throat remedy. Mint also calms and soothes an upset stomach, providing immediate relief associated with gas and bloating.

Chopped mint enhances water, desserts, smoothies, tea and juicing recipes. Chew on fresh mint leaves for kissable breath!

Dill is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Adding dill to culinary creations helps decrease pain associated with arthritis and gout. Digestion and dill go hand in hand. Dill boasts 154% of the daily value of Vitamin A and 63% Manganese in just 100 grams. Eyes and bones will thank you.

Add chopped dill to salads and use with olive oil for rocking roasted vegetables! Pair lemon and dill for a first-class flavor combination with brown rice or quinoa.

Late for life? Dill seeds and leaves leave breath remarkably fresh!

Lavender is best know for its calming properties. Fresh cut or dried, lavender and epsom salts are bath time bliss. Place fresh or dried lavender inside your pillow case at bedtime. Headaches, stress, insomnia and depression melt away.

Brew lavender in tea, add to summer time lemonade or as edible eye candy to decadent desserts. Lavender is truly legendary!

Cilantro is a powerful anti-oxidant and natural cleansing agent. Cilantro helps remove heavy metals from deep within our tissue.

Cilantro also boasts an anti-anxiety effect. Stress free after eating Mexican food? Thank cilantro not just tequila shots!

Top beans and rice with tomato, avocado, lime juice and cilantro for an easy plant-based lunch!

Rosemary is a spectacular anti-spasmodic. No need for digestive distress. Say, “good-bye!” to cramps, flatulence and even heartburn. Rosemary is my all time favorite aromatic herb. It helps improve concentration on top of being a huge mood booster.

Good luck with your GROOVY GARDEN! Breathe in nature and love yourself inside and out! Once you fall in love with these 5 herbal herbs trying adding natural products to your beauty regime. SIGRID NATURALS is an unbelievable unisex skin and hair care line harvested by-hand from wild and local plants in Ontario. Wild Mane Hair Oil and Tidy Locks Styling Aid both deserve a special shout out!

Loving my top herbs? Soak and scrub with my favorite handcrafted soaps by PURPLE URCHIN!

Fall is quickly approaching, take time this summer to play in the dirt! Love your self healthy with healthy herbs!

Happy digging, planting and growing. Congratulations on taking a step in country living without leaving the concrete jungle!!!!

MOOV” the pots inside when autumn arrives!