Fitness and food are my life! I spend hours reading client questionnaires, food journals and endless hours explaining organic, non-GMO, macros, vegan life, herbs and a million other things that clients love to ask! Clients hire me for a myriad of reasons. Some have never seen the inside of a gym! They may even be completely overwhelmed at the thought of training. There are those in need of a cheerleader, butt kicker, support system or personalized programs. They hire me to fill in the spaces. Setting goals is not easy. The thought of taking the step towards accomplishing them can be daunting. Each day I am grateful to play a part in helping clients overcome obstacles. Nothing compares to the reward I feel watching someone do their first push up, sprint, kicking the 3 W’s, fit into skinny jeans, run a flight of stairs…you name it. Everyday is rewarding.

I LOVE leading a HOLISTIC HEALTHY life but admitting strengths and weaknesses is challenging. I can get up and run in the rain but cook? OY VAY! Please no!

I was dairy free and gluten free forever but stopped eating red meat and chicken. Next came fish. I woke up to the realization I was 100% plant based! That was over a year ago. I Love it. There was just one problem. I was clueless. I didn’t know what to eat and found myself packing on the pounds. I filled up eating carbs!!! Lentils and rice became my best friends. Healthy organic foods can still pack on the pounds! Nuts are a prime example. They are calorie and fat dense in a small serving!! Without proper planning nuts and nut butters are often become a staple.

Next came my annual check up. The blood work showed my iron and B12 were almost non-existent. I was weak and feeling very low.

It made sense! I wasn’t properly prepping meals anymore.  My diet was not varied. I was not eating enough protein. I was living almost exclusively on carbs. I felt horrible, tired, soft and depressed.

It was time to find a solution.

I knew I wanted to remain a gluten free vegan because of the benefits to health, environment and our furry friends. Nutritionists, Medical Doctors, Naturopaths, books, experts, Internet all have an opinion on “Vegan”. At the end of the day I WANTED to be a vegan!

There had to be a better way. Fall 2014 I sampled awesome faux mac and cheese by Green Zebra Kitchen at  the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival. Luckily, I held onto the card! This would serve to be my official lifesaver.

One trip to their website and the stars aligned!! Their menu was great! They delivered! Their prices are reasonable! GREEN ZEBRA KITCHEN is organic, vegan and use local seasonable ingredients.  I love the delivery time is flexible.

Every Monday evening my meals are delivered. They are beautiful. Cooking instructions are emailed. I know which items can be frozen. The portions are controlled. The menu is fabulous.

I am so busy! It’s absolutely essential for me to grab and go BUT now I don’t have to think or prep!!

Best decision ever!

People hire me to get fit because they need me. I know my weakness! It’s cooking! I am taking care of ME the best way I can. I now leave it to the experts at GREEN ZEBRA KITCHEN in Toronto!

Yes, I admit it…I do take out every night!!

No excuses!!

Holistic healthy happy life!! Try single items, full menu plans or special events!