Lunch Date

Lunch Date: PART 2

Summer officially started July 23rd for me! School is done! I have approximately 6 weeks to overdose on girlfriends and my mini men before hitting the books again!

The last time I blogged lunch dates I was a gluten free, dairy free, pescetarian who ate only kosher fish! I am now a vegan. In English, I dropped fish! I am 100% plant based. My hair and makeup is vegan! I am working towards a 100% vegan lifestyle.

This is my lifestyle choice! I love when people ask questions but I am not trying to convert anyone. For the record: I can eat in any restaurant! I haven’t met a menu that doesn’t have a salad. Most menus even have quinoa and kale! That’s a blog in itself! People! There are other grains and vegs to eat! Mix it up! Substitute kale for collard greens, dandelion or bok choy! MONO CROPS can destroy the regions they are grown in.

Back to the point. I CAN eat in a steak house. They always have baked potatoes and steamed vegetables. Do I like it? NO! What you and I see on YOUR plate are very different! Will I say it? NO, because I love my friends. Will I put a picture in this blog because I can…. YES!! ALL animals deserve to live not just CECIL the lion….CIJofXCWoAAJkPv

This week the stars aligned. After a huge hug by Mel it was time to hit a roof top patio! Lunch with Mel was long over due!

Luckily I was not starving! I’m not going to bash the “corporate” chain we ate at BUT wow! YES, I did expect more! I realize vegan and gluten free is tricky but I have to recreate thee menu in order to eat. I have been spoiled all year having meals delivered weekly by Green zebra kitchen.

In the end, I ordered a “side” garden salad with a scoop of quinoa. FYI: they are clueless on the quinoa. Hanging with MEL is worth any overpriced tiny boring meal. TORONTO….we need more PLANT BASED OPTIONS! Even carnivores embrace “Meatless Mondays”!

I love being a vegan for a multitude of reasons!


I am proud when my clients take small steps to incorporate plant based meals. Sometimes it begins with simply wanting to lose weight. Taking a break from “meat products” does the body good! Your body will thank you. The digestion system takes a well deserved vacation while dining on vegetables, fruits and healthy fats. Want to go Vegan? Talk to ME! Let’s support your system in a safe protocol! Detox can jump start any program. Fasting and juicing supported by herbs can support all the pathways of elimination.

I am grateful for friends who step out of their comfort zone and embrace a vegan lunch date! Toronto has so many adorable vegan restaurants to choose from!

“My top picks to date are the following”

  • I love the collard wraps and awesome array of take out juices at FRESH on Eglington Ave East!
  • TORY’S BAKE SHOP on Queen St East has the best donut ever!


  • FEEL GOOD GURU on Queen West is home to my favorite Pad Thai and the most sinful cinnamon bun!
  • VEGAN DUCHESS on Yonge Street has my falafels!

FullSizeRender(1)There are tons of awesome VEGAN restaurants popping up all over metro. I am grateful when friends are open to the idea. I am blessed my parents lead the same lifestyle. I am spoiled with gorgeous vegan meals by mom!

wFMokSUqAt the end of the day, I will always say,”yes!” to lunch dates! I will come prepared for the worst. Keep in mind I may pull out my ziplock bag! I may add nuts, legumes, hemp or seeds to boring quinoa or rice! We will always have a lunch date!!

On August 8th, come say,” hi” to me! I will be showing coconut love with COCOVIE NATURALS on historic Fort York grounds in Toronto. This 19 plus vegan festival will showcase lots of plant based products! Can’t wait!!

Lunch Date: PART 1 (Nov 2013)

My weekly guilty pleasure is spending time with Mel. She is a tiny powerhouse of girl power!
I adore her on every level. We do “coffee chats” in a local restaurant or food court.

This is beyond CHALLENGING. It is almost impossible to find a place we can both eat at.
We tweet our lunches and it’s a running joke!

Mel is tiny. She is a perfect extra small in my hoodie. I mean a peanut. I could literally toss her clear across the room. She eats textbook portion sizes. She even takes half of it home.  That being said her food choices make me shudder. Yes, I realize she can eat whatever she wants but its the healthy factor. Without fail, I quickly calculate grams of sugar and sodium.  Let’s not even talk about her diet coke.

blog2PICI on the other hand have no real classification. I am a dairy and gluten free pescaterian. Its very hard to keep kosher outside of the house. I eat fish. I eat brown rice but will settle on white

So as you can see this eliminates lots of foods… no buns, no soya sauce, no cheeses, chicken, steak and the list is endless. I am happy with the way I feel. I am not deprived, sad or suffering. I love the way I feel but eating out can suck! I know its not for everyone!

I jump up and down if I see Cultures or a sushi stand. Aroma makes a fabulous gluten free personal size sandwich. Thai Express has a pretty good soup aside from the white noodles. I have brought partial meals but purchased brown rice from Made in Japan.

All I know is I CAN find something anywhere but planning is easier!
I do know that eating healthy is not the norm. I am always shocked at what people choose to shovel into their mouths. I don’t have a cheat meal that is defined as fast food. I eat bigger portions. Naïve? Maybe! I do feel if people educated themselves they may choose differently. People put the right gas into their cars. Why not fuel your body for peak performance and long term survival?

Its not so easy to trade yourself in for new parts.

I will continue to eat out… and not judge what others eat but I will shake my head and post pics!
Counting the days ’till the next lunch out!

I will pray that more and more restaurants will offer foods I eat!
Until that day I will pull my containers out of my purse.