Let’s meet the REIGNING Miss Teen Toronto

facebook-20140725-143338Let’s meet the REIGNING Miss Teen Toronto!! January 2014, Brittany Dineno was referred to me by Serena, a former client I helped with stage prep! Serena went on to win Miss Chin Bikini.

Brittany, bless her heart, decided at truly the last minute she had to enter the Miss Teen Pageant. She quickly sailed through preliminary interviews and the next step was the real deal.

Sitting down to plan the dress, hair, jewelry, bikini and tan is every future diva’s dream. Walking for hours back and forth while being critiqued is not quite as glamorous. Smiling till your face hurs and positioning your feet and shoulders just right, sucks for lack of a better word. Maybe the craziest part to Brittany was answering my mock questions ranging from world peace to bullying!

Entering the pageant was so exciting. It allowed her to meet new friends, increase her self-confidence and support her platform. All of that is fabulous but winning is unbeatable. On January 26, 2014 Brittany was crowned Miss Teen Toronto. The sash and crown made it official.

With the title came money to raise, events to attend and the excitement of the approaching summer pageant. This time the paeant wasn’t just two days. The girls would be staying in
downtown Toronto for a whole week.

facebook-20140807-184026By July,Brittany and I met to brush up on her stage presence. Things were different though. She didn’t radiate an over the top enthusiasm a
s she did training for the first pageant. When reading her responses to the list of my questions post pageant, it became clear. She said, “I was more scared of the second show because of how much more was at stake.”The pressure she put on herself made her question whether continuing was the right choice.

Luckily she dug deep and found fun in the experience. Bonding with her roomie Vanessa Prasad gave it the teen slumber party vibe. She was there for life experience Focusing on her platform was key. She was to bring awareness to the TRILLIUM GIFT OF LIFE NETWORK.

She wrote that her best moment was going up the CN TOWER. Living her whole life in Toronto and seeing it FINALLY for the first time was “spectacular” and she felt she “could accomplish anything.”

Brittany was a guest o News Talk 1010. She appeared on Global Television locally and Global National. After watching Brittany speak on Breakfast Television, it’s hard to believe she ever doubted herself.


Her insecurities were overcome ironically, after walking down the stage for the bikini round. Like almost all girls, Brittany was shy about her body. She thought the bikini round should be eliminated from the pageant. It was “unnecessary and even degrading” but now she says, ” if you can get up on a stage in a bikini and heels, you can do anything!”Brittany had the time of her life and learned that fear is just a word! This brave young lady has a bright shiny future…. maybe as a news reporter!!

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