Kristi: Round 2


Kristie 1November 2013 brought Kristi to the OPA stage in London, Ontario for her bikini show debut. The show was the last one of the year. It was quite the event. The number of bikini girls set to strut the stage was staggering. Their particular height class was so large in fact that it needed to be divided into two groups

. Kristi made the top ten in her group.

2014 brought a busy year of social events and the idea of committing to another show seemed impossible for her.

Luckily the stars aligned.

On August 5, Kristi will wake up and begin the day in “princess mode” as she calls it. This will commence the beginning of a 12 week journey to show #2!

With the support of her husband, family and friends she plans on being MIA while aiming for top 5.

Kristi confided that she finds the diet challenging. This actually shocks me. She maintains a very “eat clean” lifestyle 365. Missing drinks with her girlfriends during patio time seems to be the main drawback.

Kristie 3

Every athlete who trains for an event experiences trials and tribulations. The journey is a learning process that can reveal what one is made of. I am thrilled that Kristi discovered she is stronger than she gave herself credit for. She had a goal and through sheer will and self-discipline she persevered.

When the spray tan fades the memories and lessons learned are the most valuable part.

I am so happy that she is ready to go for it again. She is focused on bringing a tighter more confident and polished package to the stage.

This “mama m” as she calls me is very blessed to be a part of the process. Always encouraging, always positive and forever supportive I know Kristi will rock the stage!

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