Guest “Expert opinion” for Diabetes Counsel

Juicing is an incredible way to flood cells with nutrients, lose weight and detox but potentially problematic for diabetics. Diabetics must focus on lowering their insulin resistance. High fiber menu plans are a diabetics best bet. Fiber is a key player in slowing down the absorption of sugar. Fruits and vegetables may be a plethora of health but natural sugar is still an issue. Your best bet would be blending raw fresh produce, ensuring fiber remains. If you have your heart set on juicing it’s imperative to make choices that contain the highest amount of micronutrients while taking into account the glycemic index and load value of each food. Go overboard on greens! Kale, parsley, spinach, dandelion, celery, cucumber and a touch of green apple or kiwi are a great go-to base. Carrot and beet add a touch of sweetness without flooding the pancreas in sugar. Berries are one more option but sticking to one serving of fruit per glass is your best bet! Load up on vegetables and go for ginger and garlic, both pancreas protectors. Happy healthy holistic juicing!

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