MOOV Magazine Special 5 Year Anniversary Issue 2015: Fitness Fashion: function or funky?

Sweat is truly my life! As a personal trainer, I live in workout wear! My wardrobe is “Gi-Joe” meets “Barbie”. There is no consistency! I dress for comfort but mindful of the day ahead.

After all these years, I am yet to understand what constitutes “appropriate gym attire”.

Every gym from Vegas to Toronto offers its own unique blend of fitness fashion fails!

  • Flip flops
  • See through yoga pants
  • Ripped t-shirt
  • Toque
  • Bra “less”
  • Sweat stained white t-shirt
  • Black dress socks
  • Revealing Daisy dukes
  • Heavy polyester team jerseys with embroidered athlete’s names on the back!
  • Fanny pack
  • Skateboard shoes
  • Kitchen sponges as hand grips
  • Clothes that are way too small
  • Bare feet
  • Sunglasses
  • Dress pants and dress shirt
  • Sweat head bands and matching wrist bands.
  • Gardening/work gloves
  • Jeans
  • Smelly clothes
  • Muddy construction boots
  • “Paint” covered clothes

Did Imiss any?

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 3.05.09 PM

For the record, training in long skirts or head scarfs is challenging. It is never a fitness fail. Every religious girl deserves a special shout out for staying observant and fit!

Please no hating on the MAKEUP DIVA. She is not a fitness fail! These girls can out train plenty of men! Divas are capable of lifting insane yet remaining photo shoot perfect! Eyelash glue and makeup setting spray is a godsend! There are plenty of “makeup” girls who are there to pick up weights NOT men!!!

Showcasing personal style is always sexy but being super hero ready should be first on the list! Training clothes should be specific to your personal needs and sport! Fit, function and fabrics come before fashion.

Shoes on the other hand are vital to preventing injuries! Flat feet, high arches and the way your foot rolls all determine your shoe. I send injury free clients to The Running Room and Sporting Life. The staff is knowledgeable. Their quick foot check let’s you know what’s ideal! They will have you sprinting out the door! Seeing a Podiatrist is also a great option especially for those who a history of injuries.

Getting client to drop excess weight and get fit is my life! Encouraging clients to reward themselves with a new workout wardrobe rather than dessert is my favorite trick! Consistency in the gym is key to living a fit life. Comfortable breathable attire is a fitness must.

Next time you see someone getting their sweat on, take a good look! Training clothes are personal yet should reflect the task at hand.

I am not alone with my massive workout wardrobe! Yoga class? Boxing gym? Tennis lesson? Corporate gym? My trunk has a bag packed for each sport!

I live in baggy sweats, camouflage pants, wonder woman t-shirts, pink runners and sometimes even in real combat boots. Warm summer days I do trainer glam in tennis skirts and dresses!

I love people watching when I work out! It’s always fun to guess what the workout will be after I see the wardrobe.


Cross Fit Revolution MMA Instructor/ Personal Trainer, Joshua Graham said his students gravitate to “function over fashion.” Comfortable loose t-shirts and shorts are the norm. Graham recommends the NANO shoe by Reebok due to its stability and overall versatility. Graham notices personalities reflected with shoe colors!

Sandy Savino, an Ontario Figure Competitor and mother of two matches her ‘no excuse stay fit’ attitude to leggings, sports bra and tank top! She did admit to hiding out in baggier versions when she didn’t feel lean!

Lita “bad ass” Button is a professional boxer. Her nick name reflects her training intensity! This girl lifts, swims, runs, skips, spars and more. Lita loves Nike. Between DRI-FIT fabric and FLYKNIT RACER running shoes she is covered!

David Royal has been lifting for three decades. His style hasn’t wavered. Comfort is key after all these years. UNDER ARMOUR is at the top of his list. His kids follow suit with the Super Hero collection!

Monika Seven Dalmady is a bikini model who stays fit by kick boxing and lifting. Monika favors function with a fitness flair. Embracing her creative side she custom designs and makes her own line.


Whether you wear a batman t-shirt, tennis skirt, mma shorts, camouflage pants or the latest trend….GET to the gym!

Love yourself inside and out! Find your fitness flair! Gym flow is essential for healthy mind, body and spirit.

Lululemon has the right idea and “creates components for people to live longer, healthier, happier more fun lives.”


Joshua Graham is a personal trainer living and working in Toronto.

@monikafonda @badassbutton