Finding Balance

Life is a roller-coaster. It really is. The highs take your breath away and the lows scare you to death.

The more women I train, it becomes increasingly clear how many of us hold it together during the most difficult times. Pleasing everyone but forgetCHyMDTeWwAAreKxting ourselves. Apologizing just to move forward. Recognizing being right isn’t worth it. Breathing…letting go of negativity and moving forward.

Facebook, twitter and countless media sites tend to portray life as flawless….as having it all! Sadness, despair and fear touches everyone. This week I find myself touched by so many people. I am reminded everyone’s path has obstacles. This week I feel I need to stop and say, “thanks!”.

The list begins by thanking my lovely childhood friend. I admire your honesty and raw emotion. Thank you for sharing shiny moments as we grew up. I am so touched we reconnected. I am sorry for sadness along the road. Thanks for trusting me with your story. You will “always be on the wings of love”. Huge love.

The energy around me was gentle and calm all week. My last class till fall is done. I’m not quite sure what or why but this week was different.

I found myself in a wonderfully rare occasion. I was free at 4pm. Work and studying was done. Gym flow was calling but the weather was too phenomenal to be inside. Tennis was my first choice. Unfortunately, that wasn’t to be. I decided to just walk. Backpack, sunglasses and phone in tow, I set off to enjoy my freedom. After a few minutes chatting with my mom she wanted to know why I was walking so far. The bottom line is…”BECAUSE I CAN!!!” I am blessed with time and health this sunny day!

B9UzD6IIQAAQV2f-1The day was beautiful. The road was my treadmill! The 7 km hike to Eglington Ave was wonderful. I stopped to say, “hi!” to the girls at FLAIR TRADE.

Totally parched along the way led to, “I am NOW in love with Green House Juice Company”. Always love finding holistic hydration trying their Deep Roots juice! The combination of beets, celery, carrot, apple and lemon was so refreshing!

I just wandered in and out of stores leisurely enjoying every second. It was so lovely to just take my time. I stopped in the library, Noah’s Health Food store, Indigo to find BELOW THE BELT BOXING MAGAZINE to check out my article on NICHELLE LAUS.

I finally read the menu at VEGAN. DUCHESS. I debated seeing a movie but decided I would turn around and walk back home.

My 14,2 km hike gave me time to reflect on a lot things. Sometimes in the midst of the busy Toronto City you can find everything you are looking for.

I found it ironic, that just one day after my city hike, a certain client was on the same wave length as me. She was searching for gratitude. She was doubting a million things. She sought out solitude hoping to reconnect with her “happier always feeling blessed” side.

I am in awe this special chica who shall remain anonymous. Over the last few weeks I have seen her go from in love, to hurt, stressed, agitated and back. Through it all she trains her ass off. Her food has been another story. She like many girls binges in times of stress. Granted she binges on healthy carbs lol but still!

I was so overjoyed last Sunday when she took her control back!

I sent off a week of meal plans accompanied by recipes! We even mapped the eating schedule around training. She needs a plan!

She took back her self….took a day to herself reading a new book on the beach….bought herself flowers.


This is a strong woman. I adore you. You are the reason I love my days. FYI 😉

Sometimes we all need to just be thankful.

Thanks to all my clients who make me smile….