Exercise; Cardio Tips

When I mention “CARDIO” clients smile or cringe.

I LOVE cardio. I mean love it. There is an escape to it almost a rhythmic beat. The trick is finding a type of cardio that makes you feel powerful and energized yet calm.

Cardio training is a key component to overall health. Your heart is the MOST important muscle you have. It pumps oxygen rich blood throughout your body. The average heart beats 60- 80 times a minute. Do you know your number? You should know more about your body than just your weight!

walkthiswaypowerwalkingplan Cardio is part of a well rounded training program. Never exercised? Begin by walking just five minutes and increase it a minute each day!!  Soon you will be walking three times a week for 30 minutes! This being considered the norm for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Rushed for time?
Try the “1200 second fitness solution”
5 minutes easy walking
10 minutes alternating a minute hard/a minute easy
5 minute cool down

Individual goals range from fat loss to gaining muscle. You may have previous  injuries, lifestyle and health concerns therefore personalized cardio is highly beneficial.

Improved “Cardio”vascular health:

Lowers blood pressure!
Lowers heart rate!
Slows bone loss!
Reduces stress and anxiety!
Treatment for depression!
Decreases risk for heart disease and cancer!

Cardio can be done anywhere and anytime.
I see roads, stairs, hills, benches everywhere. My cardio of choice has been done waiting on all 3 of my mini men at some point! My skipping rope is always close by!!
NO EXCUSES to be healthy on the inside!!

Contact me. Let’s find a cardio you will love and make it work for you!