Crazy for Cocovie Naturals

My love affair with COCONUTS  is not a secret! MERCEDES FITNESS has tweeted, blogged, and driven clients crazy chatting coconut benefits!

There is one company I adore and endorse. Cocovie Naturals is a lovely line of organic, kosher, vegan, non-GMO and fair trade products.

Mercedes Fitness is beaming with pride announcing it is officially a Brand Ambassador for Cocovie Naturals.

mkg_promoFebruary 28, I was in holistic heaven educating shoppers on the benefits of making healthy choices. If you missed sampling  at Planet Organic in Port Credit I look forward to meeting you at upcoming events! You will be able to meet/ greet and learn why MERCEDES FITNESS loves COCOVIE NATURALS!

Follow my holistic health tips and upcoming events in local stores like Goodness Me, Organic Garage, Planet Organic, Ambrosia and Loblaws!

Visit me at Ambrosia Naturals in Vaughn on March 14 and 15th from 12-4 pm

Visit me at Goodness Me in Barrie on March 20th from 4-8pm

Visit me March 27 at Foodland for “The tastes of the World ” event in Tottenham, Ontario from 11:30-3:30 pm

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Click here to watch Mercedes for more coconut love