Coconut Lovers Magazine Issue #19: Cheezy Herb Brussel Bytes

My new “vegan” bff!

IMG_20160320_124450I have officially said, “Good-bye!” to playing chef and praying my holistic FAUX potato chips would work!1461899517007

“Hello reinvented Cheezy Herb Brussel Bytes!”

Attention veggie lovers, Brussel Bytes are made from brussel sprouts, kale and carrots! Vegan success achieved. Super Cheezy tasting is a colossal underestimate! Yes, you guessed it….nutritional yeast paired with cashews.

 BYTES are crazy crunchy and simply scrumptious! Garlic, rosemary, basil and lemon offer a distinctive kick. Wonderfully Raw nailed sweet and salty. Combining the perfect ratio of Himalayan sea salt and COCONUT NECTAR makes BRUSSEL BYTES fit for any foodie!

Coconut? Are you shocked? Bewildered? No, wait! Brussel Bytes don’t taste like coconut!! Coconut nectar is sap exuded from blossoms taken from the coconut tree. It’s nutrient dense, low gylcemic, contains 17 amino acids and has a flavor reminiscent of molasses.

Brussel Bytes are,” love at first byte” as their website states. This product deserves a huge holistic shout out.

One bag contains a mere 220 calories yet packed with 10 grams of protein. Let’s not forget 6 grams of fiber!

Bytes are gluten free, non-gmo, USDA organic, kosher, paleo and vegan!

Get your Vitamin groove on! BRUSSEL BYTES also contain 70% of the RDA for Vitamin A and 90% for Vitamin C! Tasty way to ward off a cold and improve eyesight!

They are curiously satisfying and can be summed up in one word…. SAVORY!

Two more flavors to entice: Tamarind Apple and Chili Pumpkin Seed!

Brussel Bytes


Happy Holistic life!


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