ALIVE & FIT MAGAZINE Vol.13 Issue 51 Winter 2019: Live the Diet-Free Dream

Diet, a simple four-letter word evoking so much negativity for the majority of people. Webster’s Dictionary defines diet as, “the kind of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.” Innocent enough. The second definition of diet, “a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical […]

ALIVE & FIT MAGAZINE Vol.13 Issue 50 Fall 2019: Nourishing Tots and Teens

Back to school is upon us. Good-bye sunscreen and bug spray. Hello backpacks and lunchboxes. In the middle of chaotic school supply shopping, please take a moment to reflect the importance of being a parent. Raising healthy children is the goal. Sounds simple enough. Health is defined by World Health Organization (WHO) as a, “State […]

ALIVE & FIT MAGAZINE Vol.13 Issue 49 Summer 2019: Graceful Aging Rooted in Prevention

The definition of “Aging gracefully”  greatly varies depending on who is asked. For some, aging is directly linked to  outward appearance.  Too many people associate wrinkles and frailty with being old, while others see aging as simply a number linked to candles on a birthday cake. Whether you choose to call a plastic surgeon, stock […]

GOODNESS ME! March 2019: The Beauty Of Canadian Skin Care & Mineral Makeup

 Hello Spring! As trees begin to bud and flowers bloom, we are reminded of the wondrous  beauty of change. As a Healthy Living Advisor, it’s truly tremendous, watching first-hand, women transform their lives with healthier habits. Nourishing the body with an abundance of  organic food, water, sleep, and minimizing stress are key to sensational skin, […]

NIA PURE NATURE April 2019: Weight Loss Without Pain with Moringa

Every year, weight loss is a common go-to goal. The link between exercise and clean nutrient dense meals is essential to overall health, but portion control is definitely part of any weight loss regime. The word diet is truly a four letter word and should be kicked to the curb once and for all. The […]

Nutraphase March 2019: Clean Ketones

Living your healthiest life means setting goals and making time to exercise and plan meals. These are key steps towards achieving your goals. It’s also important to incorporate supplements to support your body with nutrients along the way! NUTRAPHASE  provides a wide range of clean supplements from greens to protein powders to BCAA’s. The keto […]

ALIVE & FIT MAGAZINE Vol.12 Issue 48 Spring 2019: Simplicity: the spice of life

Spring is in the air. Weed out bad habits, by sowing seeds of holistic happiness, ensuring a technicolor self-blooming summer. Our world is fast-paced and undoubtedly a stressful place, but learning to cope is key. Clean eating and exercise  are massive in the never-ending pursuit of balance, but calming the mind is monumental. Meditation is […]

HEALTHY DIRECTIONS Winter 2019: Gentle Detox with Artichoke and Black Radish

Choosing to limit the amount of toxins we eat, breathe, bathe in and apply to our skin is a powerful proactive choice, leading to a less harmful lifestyle. Humans have built-in housekeeping, but it’s also important for us to lend a helping hand. A safe and gentle detox offers the liver support to do its […]