EMBRACING CHANGE September 2022 Vol 5 Issue 1: Growing Old is a Privilege

Growing old is a privilege. Eleanor Roosevelt said it perfectly. “Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.” Prioritize health and paint your life a museum worthy masterpiece. Live vibrantly. Aging doesn’t imply acceptance, complacency or the time to retire to a rocking chair. Reading this article is […]

BADEN OUTLOOK August 2022 Vol 23 Issue 1: Healthy Eating in August

Happy holistic living is easy-breezy when you are planted in the perfect countryside setting. Eating a bounty of fresh local garden goodness provides an array of essential vitamins and minerals plus the added bonus of disease preventing phytonutrients. The perfect plate is piled high with plenty of produce. The benefits of top-notch nutrition are linked […]

THE WILMOT-TAVISTOCK GAZETTE September 2022: Expert Advice: Pickleball

Exercise is one of the pillars of health. Wellness experts may differ in their top choices for building a body in balance but we all agree staying active is non-negotiable in pursuit of living wholeheartedly. As a certified personal trainer, I see the results of exercising first-hand. The benefits are enormous and I am ecstatic […]

EMBRACING CHANGE August 2022: What is the Definition of Ageing Gracefully?

What is the definition of aging gracefully? The outside versus the inside can be dramatically different. Actions, thoughts and behaviours impact our mind, body and spirit. There are different types of aging. Chronological aging is simply the number of years lived while primary aging is universal and inevitable. Reading glasses and a few strands of […]

ALIVE & FIT MAGAZINE Vol.16 Issue 61 Summer 2022: Veg-Based Eating 101

Plant- based diets are phenomenal for humans, animals and of course helpful for healing the planet. The Meatless Monday movement began in 2003 as an international campaign to encourage the masses to take a pass on eating meat one day a week. The once trendy term isn’t thrown around often as of late but switching […]

ALIVE & FIT MAGAZINE Vol.15 Issue 60 Spring 2022: Chose a Health Path

Covid has been the main topic of conversation for over two years, paving the way for many heart to heart health-based discussions. It’s challenging to navigate the ever-changing landscape of exercise, supplements and diets plus the added pressure of whether or not to choose cure-all over the counter medications. With the onslaught of information and […]

ALIVE & FIT MAGAZINE Vol.15 Issue 59 Winter 2021: Ditch the Dairy

Many couples dream of becoming parents. When the initial excitement calms down, the road ahead becomes clear. Parenting is a windy rollercoaster ride paved with responsibilities, obligations, and choices to navigate.After all, this tiny trusting human believes in you. Their well-being relies on weighing the pros and cons to ensure their long-term health holistically. The […]

ALIVE & FIT MAGAZINE Vol.15 Issue 58 Fall 2021: Fuel Your Fat Loss

The importance of self-love is paramount, paving the way to a positive mindset. Most people would never talk to family and friends using the words they repeat in a daily loop to themselves. Too many people focus on all the things they hate about themselves and often these traits, habits or body parts are the ones others […]

ALIVE & FIT MAGAZINE Vol.15 Issue 57 Summer 2021: Nature’s Mental Health Pharmacy

Life can be a rollercoaster and riding the ups and downs is challenging. Covid created times of uncertainty, manifesting into fear for many. Some days fighting back tears is easier than smiling.Nobody feels amazing all the time. Being depressed is not a sign of weakness. A little down and feeling blue is normal from time to time, but when sadness takes over, its time to […]