BELOW THE BELT‎ Magazine Issue 34 Summer 2016: Nicole “THE ASSASSIN” Powankumar

Nicole is simply skills that thrill! It’s hard to believe this boxing dynamo has only 12 bouts to date. Nicole is definitely on my watch list of female fighters. I strongly urge you to find a fight night with her name on the card. You won’t be disappointed. Fight after fight, Nicole effortlessly controls the ring. She throws concise combinations with ease and beauty as she floats through the ring.

nicole the assassin

It won’t come as any surprise to learn, Nicole’s road to the ring was paved with other sports. However, calling Nicole a late bloomer would be a massive understatement.

Let’s start at the beginning. Nicole’s childhood was less than lovely. Unfortunately, NIcole was simply one of six children in a busy household. Having a different father from her siblings led to an unstable and stressful childhood. Escalating violence in a “dangerous home” was an everyday concern according to Nicole. The future seemed dark. With few choices, Nicole left Canada to live with her grandmother in Guyana.

Missing her family and praying time apart may have mended a very dysfunctional household, Nicole returned to Canada.

Nicole’s dream of growing up in a safe and loving home never materialized. Family life was still dangerous by the time she reached High School. In search of peace, NIcole moved into the basement of a girlfriend’s family home.

FINALLY, the sun shone brighter. Nicole discovered sports. It took until High School for someone to pick up on her obvious genetic blessings and natural athleticism. The path began with Hockey. Nicole easily excelled. Unfortunately, the financial commitment was overwhelming. Hockey soon fell by the wayside.

Sports continued to fuel her internal fire. They provided a safe place helping her escape life. New found self-confidence replaced insecurities and fears. Childhood pain and loneliness built a strong foundation, giving her strength to move forward.

Nicole’s next stop was soccer! She quickly found her rightful place playing at the PREMIER level. Injuries followed. After one particular injury, returning to the field proved challenging. She needed to improve her cardio level quickly. Nicole heard boxing was a great workout. With nothing to lose and a small window period to be soccer field ready, boxing class sounded perfect. Nicole joined her friend “just for fun” at Ultimate Martial Arts in Scarborough. It wasn’t long before Nicole hung up her cleats, quit soccer and focused on sport number three. Soccer left her three important parting gifts. Fancy footwork, endurance and coordination would soon prove valuable in the ring.

Nicole fell in love with kick boxing. She trained exclusively with Archie Luz. According to Nicole, queen of humility, she won the few fights she had. Archie proudly pointed out, “She decimated girls who had between 30-40 fights!”. This would prove problematic. Without any willing opponents, Nicole moved onto her fourth sport!

nicole the assassin 2 copy

Boxing was a logical choice for a girl who in her own words says, “I love using my hands!”. Nicole followed Archie Luz to his new gym, Undisputed in East York, Ontario. She continued to train under his watchful eye. Two years must have felt like forever to a girl who says, “Training isn’t fun. Training is an opportunity to push myself to the limits.”

It was time to make her mark. In 2012, she entered the RIngside World Championships. In just four days, she foughts three times, returning proudly to Toronto with a gold medal.

I have been following Nicole’s amateur career for awhile. In my opinion, she’s in a class of her own. I would even go as far to say, “I believe Nicole holds back!”

It hasn’t been easy for Nicole to be active. There is a shortage of girls in her weight class. Nicole is always ready and willing to take last minute bouts.

This past summer brought new energy. Nicole decided to switch gyms. July, 2015, Nicole began training at Caged Dragon in Brantford, Ontario. Her coach, Micheal Williamson is a good fit or as she puts it, ” He knows how I fight. I trust him.”.

Nicole has been training consistently with lots of sparring time. She is eager to face Bridgette Child-Doyle November 28, 2015. Brodie Boone’s SLAMMER IN THE HAMMER takes place in Hamilton. The event highlights the much anticipated main even between Kylie the angel Fallis and Mandy Taylor. Spotlighting female talent makes this boxing lover smile!

Nicole is ready to take the ring. It’s been a very long hiatus since winning the OBA Golden Gloves this past spring. It was not surprising Nicole was also named Female Fighter of the Tournament. Nicole’s biggest obstacle is finding opponents. For now she trains hard while waiting patiently to rule the ring. Past and present coach agree….Nicole is an elite athlete.

There is no denying Nicole’s natural ability, desire and determination. She has a clear path straight to wherever she desires. It’s up to Nicole whether she has her heart set on the Olympics or straight to professional.

There is no denying, Nicole is a skilled boxer. I am anxious to see what Micheal Williamson can bring out of her. I personally want to see what Nicole keeps under wraps! It’s time for Nicole to end the fight in the first round! She needs to stop being so sweet! Save it for sparring!

I want to see Nicole take her rightful place as a PROFESSIONAL BOXER in 2016……with her family discovering her secret boxing career by way of much deserved media attention!