Lunch Date

Lunch Date: PART 2 Summer officially started July 23rd for me! School is done! I have approximately 6 weeks to overdose on girlfriends and my mini men before hitting the books again! The last time I blogged lunch dates I was a gluten free, dairy free, pescetarian who ate only kosher fish! I am now […]

May 22-24 Golden Gloves

This past weekend Hansa House was home to the OBA sanctioned GOLDEN GLOVES. Dameon Okposio Promotions, Hamilton Boxing Club, Syd Tangney, B-Y Group, Boston Pizza and Below The Belt Magazine were all instrumental in making 42 bouts a reality! Friday was all about weigh ins but with a twist. Dameon set up a free public […]

Red palm fruit oil

This past weekend I was sharing coconut love at the “Balancing Stress” weekend hosted by the CSNNA. (Canadian School of Natural Nutritionist Alumni) The event was lovely.  Fabulous food, vendors and friendly holistic like minded people all around! One of the many perks of working a show is receiving an awesome swag bag full of […]

Bikini Tan and Detox please!

Tanning beds have had plenty of bad press over the years BUT there are  plenty of responsible tanning bed worshipers. Besides the golden glow, regulars love the quiet warmth of tanning bliss.  A few minutes of exposure brings forth a sense of calm helping restore balance. This is due to the production of Vitamin D. […]


I have been following Olympia all over Toronto as her personal trainer off and on for 8 years. To be honest I have never really understood her career. Our sessions have always been very quiet. Olympia is focused on training. She is always contemplating competing in a bikini show. One session we were talking about […]

Do you know what’s lurking in your makeup bag? What do you apply to your skin?

We tend to forget that our skin is the largest organ in the body! What’s  inside most brands of shampoo, shower gel and soap? What about hair products? Makeup? One word: TOXINS! Personal products are absorbed through the skin and reach the blood stream. They affect the delicate balance of the body. Infertility, allergies, ADHD, […]