Nutraphase March 2019: Clean Ketones

Living your healthiest life means setting goals and making time to exercise and plan meals. These are key steps towards achieving your goals. It’s also important to incorporate supplements to support your body with nutrients along the way! NUTRAPHASE  provides a wide range of clean supplements from greens to protein powders to BCAA’s. The keto […]

ALIVE & FIT MAGAZINE Vol.12 Issue 48 Spring 2019: Simplicity: the spice of life

Spring is in the air. Weed out bad habits, by sowing seeds of holistic happiness, ensuring a technicolor self-blooming summer. Our world is fast-paced and undoubtedly a stressful place, but learning to cope is key. Clean eating and exercise  are massive in the never-ending pursuit of balance, but calming the mind is monumental. Meditation is […]

HEALTHY DIRECTIONS Winter 2019: Gentle Detox with Artichoke and Black Radish

Choosing to limit the amount of toxins we eat, breathe, bathe in and apply to our skin is a powerful proactive choice, leading to a less harmful lifestyle. Humans have built-in housekeeping, but it’s also important for us to lend a helping hand. A safe and gentle detox offers the liver support to do its […]

KAHA December 2018: Benefits of BCAA’s

Let’s get straight to the point. Athletes at every level benefit from supplementing with branched chain amino acids, commonly referred to as BCCA’s. I adore the catchy workout memes monopolizing my social media streams. “Abs are built in the kitchen!”. How about, “You can’t out-train a bad diet!” or my favourite, “30% gym 70% diet!”. […]

ALIVE & FIT MAGAZINE Vol.12 Issue 47 Winter 2018: Winter Immunity

Wintertime woes? With my holistic tips, it’s easy to forgo flannel, flu filled hibernation. Boost your immune system naturally and enjoy a fitness fueled crisp cold. Zinc Most of us are no stranger to immune-boosting  vitamin C, but this year, reach for zinc. This all-important mineral is involved in numerous metabolic processes and also essential […]

Nutraphase July 2018: Plant-based Protein Powder

NUTRAPHASE’S Clean plant-based protein is an ideal “alkaline” way to start the day! You don’t need to be a vegan to benefit from a plant based protein. Yes, meat lovers, animal protein contains all the amino acids yet on the flip side, meat is also raises pH level in the body.  NUTRAPHASE’S blend of SIX plants also contains […]