ALIVE & FIT MAGAZINE Vol.12 Issue 46 Fall 2018: Holistically speaking

Cryotherapy is a natural way for the body to holistically heal through its own physiological response to the cold. It’s astounding to think that in as little as ninety seconds, numerous health benefits may be achieved. Quickly approaching fifty, I was hooked on the idea of accelerating my own rejuvenating process. After some investigating, cryotherapy claims were quickly making the idea of standing scantily dressed in an indoor mini iceberg increasingly appealing. After a brief rundown of what to experience, I disrobed and entered the bone-chilling capsule while my new best friend talked me through the process. I definitely felt my heart rate increase but luckily no shivering as my body adjusted to the -150 degrees Celsius temperature. For first timers, the goal is to remain for 90 seconds total time. After reaching the maximum three minute mark, I was done. There aren’t enough adjectives to describe how energized, clear and revitalized I felt.

Those focused on wellness will love enhanced immune support and reduced joint pain. The cold releases endorphins, alleviating anxiety and stress.

I wasn’t drawn to the cold for any one reason, but my edema, shin splint pain and the beginnings of a migraine all disappeared. I left energized! As with any treatment, there are risks. Those with high blood pressure or heart conditions should avoid cryotherapy.


Mercedes Kay Gold is Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Certified Personal Trainer living in Toronto. She has been published in various publications. When not in the gym, she can be found blogging all things holistic and spending time with her sons.