MOOV Magazine Interview July 2014: Mercedes Fitness: Change your life inside and out by Rebecca Mercedes Maralit

Winnipeg born, Mercedes Kay Gold moved to Toronto when she was 20n to study Drama. “I did Fit and Body Part modeling as well as Movie Doubling. I started doing Bikini Pageants. I met the “love of my life” and was married at 24. I am now a single mom and I have 3 boys (11, 13, 19 yrs old),” explained Mercedes Gold. Throughout her life she always had a passion for Staying Fit and being Healthy. Mercedes is a certified Personal Trainer with over two decades of Personal Training experience. This strong beautiful woman is also a Nutritionist and has competed in Fitness Competitions, Bikini Competitions and received a Silver Medal in Provincial Boxing.

MOOV: What first attracted you to the Fitness, Health and Nutrition Industries?

MERCEDES: “I was raised healthy. My mother was ahead of her time. She mixed 2% and skim to get 1%. We ate brown rice, whole grain breads and natural peanut butter long before it was the norm! My parents introduced me to every sport and lesson out there. I settled on dance and competitive swimming. Exercise tapes were the rage in the 80′s and I found I LOVED aerobics classes. It stuck throughout and became my life”

MOOV: Was there anyone you looked up to? If so who and why?

MERCEDES: “I admire the fearless women who find courage to consider their endings and failures as new beginnings.”

Mercedes Gold established her Business “MERCEDES FITNESS” when her marriage ended. She loves what she does so starting her Business was a natural step. This determined woman wanted to share her philosophies of Fitness, Health and maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle. She believes that Fitness is not just about doing a workout or losing some weight, it is about transforming your Lifestyle into a Healthy one. This kind of transformation requires a Nutrition Regime, Fitness Plan as well as a new overall balance in an individual’s life. As a woman over the age of 40, a mother of three and a business owner, she is well aware of the demands of a busy life and how that can affect an individual’s view of fitness, diet and overall health. These are the reasons her clients love her and MERCEDES FITNESS is a success. “I am a Personal Trainer and a Nutritionist but some days I am a cheerleader, therapist, personal assistant or a shoulder to cry on,” explained Mercedes.

MOOV: What messages are you trying to send out to your Clients and Followers?

MERCEDES: “My biggest message is ‘love yourself inside and out’. So many people think if they look good that’s enough, it’s just not. People would never put a low grade gas in their car but don’t give a second thought to the food they eat.”

MERCEDES FITNESS has a vested personal interest in each of her clients. Its not about just looking better than you did before, it’s about feeling better inside and out. Mercedes works with her clients to improve their self-confidence, strengths and health, while they reach their own individual goals. So many Fitness Facilities provide personal training services but many times are dictated by ‘general guidelines.’. Mercedes Gold will provide individually designed services, where the individual client’s needs are first priority and are met effectively.

MOOV: As an entrepreneur, what challenges or obstacles. Did you come across and how did you overcome them?

MERCEDES: “It’s challenging to break people’s mind set. For clients to understand that an hour workout a few times a week is not a license to eat and drink. That health and fitness is a lifestyle. Its a journey not a destination. Its about conscious choices for life not about looking hot for events or passing the yearly checkup.”

MOOV: What are your greatest accomplishments or proudest moments in your entrepreneurial journey thus far?

MERCEDES: “My greatest accomplishment are my 3 son’s. My accomplishments are about the journey I have traveled thus far and not seen by the world.”

This ambitious Creative Entrepreneur recently published her official website for Mercedes Fitness. She publishes new articles on her Blog twice a month, they cover a wide variety of subjects regarding Nutrition, Fitness and Living Healthy. Mercedes Gold actually has a love for writing and has written published articles for various publications, she was also a Regular Guest Host on the Radio Show, NEXTSPORTSTAR.COM with Perry Lefko. She actually has a debut column, right here at MOOV Magazine. The column is called ‘HEALTHY MOOVS’ and will be based on healthy lifestyle tips for entrepreneurs. “I am always working and moving forward in all parts of my life. My “Mercedes Fitness” Journey is new, a decade of faith and handiwork. It has just begun! I have a lot to accomplish, ” expressed Mercedes Kay Gold.

MOOV: What wise advice can you give to up-and-coming entrepreneurs in your field?

MERCEDES: “Personal Training is not about liking to work out. Its not necessarily a great career choice because you think it’s fun or easy money. Helping others reach their goals is fulfilling but such a small part of being a great trainer.”

MOOV: What’s your next MOOV? What can we expect from you in the near future?

MERCEDES: “My next moov is run towards my goals. I can guarantee you will hear my name over and over.”

Written by Rebeca Mercedes Maralit



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