CLEAN DECIMATE is NATURAL. Cygen Labs means business! There are NO artificial colors, scary chemicals or fillers! Springing out of bed some mornings can be daunting. For those who haven’t incorporated training into their regular routine, it’s even more problematic. Decimate changes all that! Increase energy everyday in one simple step! Enjoy summertime taste of […]

MOOV Magazine 6th Year Anniversary Summer Issue 2016: Not too late to play in the dirt!

Big city lights can mean big city stress! Surrounded by a concrete jungle? Slowly killing your spirit? It’s time to unplug and reconnect. Balance is the secret to living the dream long term. My holistic goal for you, yes YOU, is to reconnect with nature. Harmony is natural and simplistic. Connecting mind, body and spirit […]

BELOW THE BELT‎ Magazine Issue 34 Summer 2016: Bonnie “WARRIOR QUEEN” Hunter

Five years ago, Bonnie Cook wandered into Fitness 365, weighing 200 pounds and determined to get fit! Little did she know, stepping into the ring would deliver a happily ever after on every level! Two times a week, Bonnie religiously attended Horace Hunter’s grueling Box Fit class. Often she stayed late, watching Horace’s team of […]