Nutraphase December 2017: Why Clean MCT Oil Powder?

Working out and following an individualized meal plan is the best way to look and feel amazing. The addition of supplements gives supercharged body boosting benefits. Choosing a clean lifestyle inside and out is achievable with NUTRAPHASE products. Love your self holistically by choosing products WITHOUT artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Breaking news! Nutraphase has […]

ALIVE & FIT MAGAZINE Vol. 11 Issue 43 WINTER 2017: Feeding Fussy Families

Raising healthy children is our responsibility yet diabetes, obesity and even fatty liver disease are en route to becoming status quo. Making a commitment to serve nutrient dense foods positively impacts the health and overall well-being of our families. Unfortunately, many of us are faced with the daily nightmare of feeding finicky eaters. After a […]

HEALTHY DIRECTIONS July 2017: The Importance of Outdoor Play

Kids need outdoor play and summertime sunshine. Make family fun days active. Stop texting! Hide the tablet! Turn off the television! It’s as simple as that! According to the Government of Canada, obesity rates among children have tripled in the last thirty years. The most negative impact of a sedentary lifestyle is the increased risk of health conditions. Once considered adult issues, the […]


CLEAN DECIMATE is NATURAL. Cygen Labs means business! There are NO artificial colors, scary chemicals or fillers! Springing out of bed some mornings can be daunting. For those who haven’t incorporated training into their regular routine, it’s even more problematic. Decimate changes all that! Increase energy everyday in one simple step! Enjoy summertime taste of […]