ALIVE & FIT MAGAZINE Vol.12 Issue 45 SUMMER 2018: Holistic summer health hacks

Summertime is about escaping to the great outdoors. From backyard barbecues to camp side bonfires, it’s time to soak in the sights and sounds while making holistic yet environmentally responsible choices. Serious sounding but it’s more about being mindful of your personal health and wellness with a side of loving nature. As the weather warms, […]

ALIVE & FIT MAGAZINE Vol.11 Issue 44‎ SPRING 2018: Embrace mini detox rituals

Spring is in the air. Put away your flannel pajamas as in-house hibernation has officially ended. Glimpses of green bravely peek through the last bits of snow while a rainbow of tulips waits their turn. Spring is synonymous with cleaning. Every year the same question arises. What about us? Health practitioners have varying opinions on […]

Guest Blog: PURE HA Equals Pure Happiness

As a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Certified Personal Trainer, my definition of overall health encompasses holistically loving the inside and out! In a quick glance, it’s not difficult to assess lifestyle choices made by clients. Continually choosing healthy options can significantly impact your quality of life long-term. Navigating the surplus of power foods and super […]

Nutraphase December 2017: Why Clean MCT Oil Powder?

Working out and following an individualized meal plan is the best way to look and feel amazing. The addition of supplements gives supercharged body boosting benefits. Choosing a clean lifestyle inside and out is achievable with NUTRAPHASE products. Love your self holistically by choosing products WITHOUT artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Breaking news! Nutraphase has […]

ALIVE & FIT MAGAZINE Vol. 11 Issue 43 WINTER 2017: Feeding Fussy Families

Raising healthy children is our responsibility yet diabetes, obesity and even fatty liver disease are en route to becoming status quo. Making a commitment to serve nutrient dense foods positively impacts the health and overall well-being of our families. Unfortunately, many of us are faced with the daily nightmare of feeding finicky eaters. After a […]