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STRESSED? BURNT OUT? Two glands to point out: PItuitary and Pineal!

The pituitary gland is the master gland of the endocrine system. It oversees the challenging job of controlling hormones. Estrogen, cortisol, ghrelin or melatonin are just a few examples of hormones needed to maintain a state of homeostasis. They work full-time on a good day but life is hectic, sending hormones into a regular frenzy […]

Wheat grass equals daily holistic detox!

WHEAT GRASS is more than holistic….it’s WHOLE-istic love for the body! Wheat grass is a super food supplement served as a fresh juice shot! It’s available in most yoga and smoothie bars! Wheat grass may be seen as trendy BUT it all began by the 1930’s! First thing, first. Wheat grass is GLUTEN FREE! Wheat […]


Chick peas were once a secret of Asian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. Lucky for us, they have found prime real estate at your local grocery store. Chick peas are round, white peas with a slightly nutty flavor. They contain high fiber, making it easy to eat at least 35 grams daily. Chick peas are […]

VEGGIE PUCK is fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients! Rainbow of puck sized super foods!

I’m forever focused on hunting down ways for clients to make food greener! Certain criteria capture my attention! Organic? YES! Raw? YES! Sugar free? YES! Gluten free? YES! Non-gmo? YES! Vitamin, fiber and mineral rich? YES! Eating a wide range of rainbow colored fruits and vegetables helps heal the body. Eating high fiber is non-negotiable. […]

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